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My Roving Towel
submitted by Amanda Ankerman '00

I don't think that I'll ever find an explanation for this strange experience.

Last year, I lived on the second floor of Reid Hall.

Just before Spring Break, I was taking my two full laundry baskets down to the laundromat. I chose to walk between the Chapel and Grammer, where there are several large Boxwood bushes.

As I was walking down the stairs, I had a strange feeling come over me and I looked up to my right.

There in the largest boxwood shrub was a towel.

I took it down because it looked familiar to me. It had a distinctive pattern on a white background. I was very surprised to find that it was my towel and that it should have been at the bottom of my stuffed laundry basket.

I didn't do my laundry but once every two weeks and I remember having used the towel just after I had done my laundry the time before this so I hadn't dropped it on the way back the last time (and it was in the same state of cleanliness as I had left it so it couldn't have been floating around the campus for two weeks without becoming quite dirty or being picked up by one of the groundskeepers.)

Still unsettled, I did my laundry and went back to my room.

I opened up the drawer where I kept my towels and searched it, as well as the area where I kept my laundry baskets. I did not find my towel and I never have found another like it among my things.

I must assume that that towel by some unknown means made its way out of the laundry baskets in my locked, second floor room and into that boxwood bush by the Chapel.

Can you explain it?

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