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The Founding Family Still Watches Over Us

The grounds of Sweet Briar College, founded in 1901, have changed little in the past century, except for the college buildings and a bit more open land. These were the lands of the Fletcher and Williams families. Their presence can still be felt at odd times and in odd places.

Most members of the family are buried on Monument Hill, which rises above the College and from whose summit one can look down on the College buildings with an unobstructed view. It is here, perhaps, that one feels the strongest sense of the family's presence, but some of their spirits have been known to wander and frequent other areas of their former domain.

Indiana Fletcher Williams founded the College in memory of her only daughter Daisy, who died in 1884 at the age of 16. "Miss Indie," who died in 1900, continues to make herself known in small ways these many years later. It is as though she is still vitally interested in what takes place at her College.

Through the years, students, faculty, and staff have told stories of supernatural happenings at the College. What credence must we give to such tales as have come from the memories of these members of the Sweet Briar community?

You the reader can ponder the following...

Ghost Stories & Mysteries of Sweet Briar

- as told by Sweet Briar Museum Director Ann Whitley

- Faculty Sightings of Daisy

- The Dancing Cloud

- The Face in the Red Velvet Frame

- The Daisy Williams Gymnasium

Students and Alumnae tell their Stories

- a collection of true life Sweet Briar encounters submitted by students, alumnae, faculty and staff

Share Your Ghost Story
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